The Journey with Ron Moore

As believers, we have to constantly check our hearts and make adjustments and changes in our lives to demonstrate that we follow God alone.

Without God, life is foundationless. But a relationship with God, through his Son, Jesus Christ, changes everything. He is our constant. He is our anchor.

God is God! Sometimes his ways and timing are not completely understood. But even when we might not feel vindicated in real-time, we will eventually because what others mean for evil, God, in His timing, can turn it for good (Gen. 50:20).

Through Jesus, we have access to God all the way from heaven to earth.

How do the children of divorce process the confusing and conflicting emotions that tear at their hearts? What can you say to them that will restore a lost relationship and keep them close to God? With those questions in view, Ron Moore continues a conversation with special guest Gretchen.  In… Continue Reading…

Do you have anything, besides God, set up in your heart?

We all experience anger . . . sometimes for good, sometimes in sin. And sometimes it hurts. . . it hurts others, it hurts us and it hurts those we love. Ron Moore and Men’s Pastor Tunch Ilkin conclude their series on biblical manhood. They share scriptural instruction for dealing… Continue Reading…

Keep talking to Him . . . even with your questions. Keep trusting Him . . . even in your doubts. He loves you! He cares for you! You can trust Him!

Self-counsel leads us to self-directed actions and pushes God out of the picture. When God is out of the picture, we lose direction and focus.  Our thoughts and emotions are easily distracted by our circumstances. 

We must also guard the gate of our eyes . . . what we watch and look at. The gate of our mind . . . the things we think about. The gate of our emotions . . . the things we desire. The gate of our will . . . the mission of our lives.


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