The Journey with Ron Moore

We, like Nehemiah, need to be willing to allow God to use us. 

He is the Maker of heaven and earth. He stooped down to breathe into man the breath of life. He is the living God and the life-giver.

We are the living, breathing temple of God. By the Spirit’s empowerment, our job is to represent Hashem—The Name—well.

As believers, we have to constantly check our hearts and make adjustments and changes in our lives to demonstrate that we follow God alone.

The battle belongs to the Lord. Give it to him and watch him work through you to plant a big rock in your giant’s forehead.

Through Jesus, we have access to God all the way from heaven to earth.

The world does not wander from event to happenstance event.  There are purpose and direction in its history.  Language, culture, and political power must all bend the knee to a sovereign God. Today Ron Moore looks at that glad reality as he recounts the timing, place, and people God arranged… Continue Reading…

There is only One name above every name. There is only One to whom we all bow.

Peace on Earth, in your lifetime, is possible, but only if you’re under the reign of the One who is peace. Today, Ron Moore explores that reign and the astounding global changes surrounding it.

At the end of days, as the storm of man’s evil and God’s judgment of it scours the earth, there is still shelter to be found. On today’s broadcast, Ron Moore leads us to its comfort and protection.

What Will Heaven Be Like?

When you think of heaven, what comes to mind? Sitting on clouds, whiling away the endless hours, playing slow songs on golden harps? Well, there will be glorious music played on harps and other instruments, but there is so much more to experience in God’s kingdom.

Ron describes that infinite world in his booklet, “What will Heaven be Like?” There he takes us on a scriptural tour of our forever home. You’ll witness joyful reunions and the spine-tingling beauty and vastness of heaven. You’ll stroll past the twelve immense gates to the capital city, each guarded by a majestic angel. You’ll discover that there’s infinite work to enjoy performing and perfecting. You’ll learn and create and become the person you’ve only started to be.

If today’s world has you worried and fearful, you’ll be comforted by “What will Heaven be Like?” We’ll send it to you for a gift of any amount.


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