The Journey with Ron Moore

God wants to use you to accomplish his work! Don’t sit still or remain silent.

In the midst of your battle, cry out to God. Let him know that you are in a dangerous place.

Let God know your doubts and ask him to replace that doubt with trust.

Remember, prayer is simply talking to God. Tell him about the battle you are in (temptation, doubt, fear, anxiety).

Ask God to help you wait on him and watch him work.

Start with adoration—tell God how much you love him. Spend time in confession—confess your sin, your fear, your doubt.

Find the doubters. Seek out those wavering. Discover those who are confused. Show them the truth with the same mercy Jesus showed to you.

Keep talking to Him . . . even with your questions. Keep trusting Him . . . even in your doubts. He loves you! He cares for you! You can trust Him!

Uncertainty and doubt stall your Christian growth. It keeps you bound at the beginning of your walk with Jesus. At your second birth. Ron Moore outlines certain things that will release the chains and give rest to your uncertain soul.

God has placed you right where you are for such a time as this. God wants to use you to accomplish His work!


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