The Journey with Ron Moore

Don’t ask God to change his answer; ask him to change your heart.

The battle belongs to the Lord. Give it to him and watch him work through you to plant a big rock in your giant’s forehead.

Let God have your hurt, rejection, and disappointment.

I want to spend my life watching for God. I want to see His endless activity around me and through me.

I am God and there is no other . . . My purpose will stand.

The man after God’s own heart knew his share of difficult times. David experienced disappointment and discouragement firsthand. He wrote of his hard times openly and often in the psalms. But David also knew that God never wastes our time.

Expectations are often borrowed disappointments. And disappointments are often His appointments. When we surrender our expectations to Christ, He replaces them with something better than we can expect or even imagine. That’s Ron Moore’s challenge in this half-hour, to give up our desires for God’s. As you’ll see, it’s an… Continue Reading…

Standing at the edge of your life, gazing at a landscape leveled by an earthquake, what do you see?  Disaster?  Opportunity?  Disappointment? Hope? If you said “all of the above” then you see the truth.  But there is one truth that informs them all.  One truth that, once seen, offers… Continue Reading…

During the journey of life, each of us spends time on the emotional edge. We cannot escape fatigue, disappointment, and stress. These are dangerous stretches. Reactions (and overreactions) can cause much collateral damage. But our trust in God, even in the heat of pressure cooker situations, makes all the difference.

The journey to Jesus is seldom free of obstacles. The reality with Jesus is not always a storybook life or a storybook ending. It is often tiring and messy. The believer is not free from disappointment, discouragement, or disillusionment. Sometimes the terrain is rugged and the paths steep.  But when we set our hearts on seeing Jesus, nothing will hold us back.


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