The Journey with Ron Moore

If you are running away from God it’s time to stop and turn your heart back to him.

The cry of the soul comes from a desperate person in a desperate situation needing discernment and direction from God.

Let God have your hurt, rejection, and disappointment.

Without God, life is foundationless. But a relationship with God, through his Son, Jesus Christ, changes everything. He is our constant. He is our anchor.

There at the narrow border between obedience and disobedience stands the shaky attitude of pride.  And without careful support from God and His Word it can quickly topple into enemy territory. So, just ahead, Ron Moore is coming to offer scriptural warnings about the things that cause your pride to… Continue Reading…

The world does not wander from event to happenstance event.  There are purpose and direction in its history.  Language, culture, and political power must all bend the knee to a sovereign God. Today Ron Moore looks at that glad reality as he recounts the timing, place, and people God arranged… Continue Reading…

Who are you?  In a broken and desperate world, where do you fit?  What purpose do you serve? Today Ron Moore shares three principles that will give you purpose, direction, and meaning.  Learn them well and they’ll change your life for good.

The road is lonely when we travel outside God’s clearly marked lanes. The solid lines are there, not to restrict our freedom, but to keep us in fellowship with Him. They warn us away from the ditch and the dark woods that lie beyond. Perhaps the loneliest of our fellow… Continue Reading…

Some crave life on the edge. They drive headlong around blind, mountain curves, trusting in their firm control while drifting closer and closer to the precipice. Lust can be like that. It seems manageable, controllable, exhilarating, until one slip and we find ourselves falling into an abyss. Why do we… Continue Reading…

All of us sin. All of us stray. And all of us must understand and practice true confession.


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