The Journey with Ron Moore

When faced with the unwise sexual choices of our children how do we respond in a loving and truthful way? In this broadcast, Ron Moore welcomes special guest Ellen Dykas of Harvest USA to talk about keeping the lines of communication open while affirming a biblical view of sexual behavior.

Who are you?  Are you a product of your feelings and inclinations or a design that bears God’s very image?  And what do you do when those are in seeming conflict? In this half-hour, Ron Moore welcomes special guest Ellen Dykas of Harvest USA.  They’ll look at a woman’s sexual… Continue Reading…

Are some sins worse than others?  If so, how does homosexual behavior rank and how should we respond to its sinful practice? Today Ron Moore welcomes special guest Jim Weidenaar, of Harvest USA, to talk about the stigma of same-sex attraction and what parents and the Church can do for… Continue Reading…

Sometimes the good becomes the enemy of the Godly. What God intended as beautiful Satan often uses in an ugly, and ultimately destructive, way. Today Ron Moore welcomes a special guest to talk about the holy and the harmful in the sexual realm. Listen and learn how to redeem God’s… Continue Reading…

Perhaps today you need to have that talk with God. You can tell him that you disagree with the outcome, but you will continue to worship him as the one and only God.

Has looking at the ceiling for so long dulled your eyes and weakened your desire to take up your mat and walk?  Does guilt have your shoulders pinned and your heart discouraged? Ron Moore asks a penetrating question…the answer to which can set you free to walk again in Christ’s… Continue Reading…

Acknowledge that everything you have and your ability to acquire it comes from God. Thank God for all he has given you.

Unconditional love does not give us a license to sin. It shows us the heart of God. It gives us a desire to demonstrate our love for Him.

God will bring you back home, too, if you let Him. He wants you to be His child. He desires to be your God. He will take the heart that is divided and make it fully His.

The situation doesn’t always go away, but His peace passes all human understanding.


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