The Journey with Ron Moore

Sometimes delayed expectations lead to complacency. Like when a boat sits in dry dock for years, never sailing. Or, when waiting for the return of someone who’s coming seems suspect, given the elapsed time. Ron Moore demonstrates the connection between the eventual departure of that boat and the yet delayed… Continue Reading…

When your friend is in need, what kind of friend will you be? Will they welcome your arrival and want you to stay or will they welcome your departure? In this half-hour, from the book of Job, Ron Moore shares what makes the difference and the difference it makes.

Unshakable Faith

An awareness of God’s presence is a source of great strength and stability in difficult times. But when He seems silent, or absent, our pain is magnified.

Maybe you’ve been there.  Maybe you’re there just now.

For times like these Ron has prepared a devotional guide to help restore that feeling of God’s closeness.  It’s called “Unshakable Faith in a Shaken World.” Packed with eternal truth from God’s Word, it’ll gently lead you into His presence.

Unshakable Faith in a Shaken World,” is yours for a donation of any amount.


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