The Journey with Ron Moore

How many times do I make decisions without spending time in prayer? How many times do I decide to do or not do something by simply “sampling the provisions” (spreadsheets, test-drives, investment returns, outward appearances, etc.). Decisions require prayer.

What happens on the day you decide God can’t meet your needs? When you choose to fill that empty space in your real life with someone or something other than Him. As Ron Moore is coming to share, that’s the day you look back on with regret. He’ll share why… Continue Reading…

God In Real Life

From the humble plea of a barren woman’s heart to the very heart of God, from the plains of battle to the court of a troubled king, Ron Moore paints a scriptural picture of the Lord of majesty and mercy…the God who is, and who is working in your life.

You’ll see in its pages the three primary attributes of God that color every event we experience.  And in the seeing you’ll discover His transforming features in places where you least expect them. The broken, the sinful and the victorious places.

“God in Real Life” is yours for a gift of any amount.


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