The Journey with Ron Moore

What do you do when you’ve set aside the faith you long held dear? How do you repair a commitment to Christ that has crumbled under the stresses of life? Ron Moore talks about that on today’s program, by recalling the example of one whose renewed faith changed the world.

Believer, what do you want to do with the Gospel of Christ? And what does that desire say about your walk of faith? Today Ron Moore examines that question as he encourages you to fulfill the ministry to which God has specifically called you.

A believer’s spiritual apparel is woven from three beautiful threads. Wear them and the world will want to know their designer. On today’s program, Ron Moore is going to show us those true colors from the fashion catalog of Christ Jesus.

Do the rumblings of self-doubt echo in your heart? Does the victory you claim as a follower of Christ sometimes mock you? Ron Moore shares those same struggles from an unlikely source. Listen and discover the companionship of a fellow warrior.

Is there such a thing as “cheap grace?” Can a spiritual “pearl of great price” be bought on credit? Can justification be put on “lay-away” until you can manage the payment? In this half-hour, Ron Moore supplies the answers as he discusses the cost of salvation for you and me… Continue Reading…

Let’s live today in such a way that people take note of our deep joy and deliberate rejoicing.

He is holy—set apart from all things.

It’s been said that life is what happens while you’re planning for the future. But for those who follow Christ the planning has all been done. Discovering that plan is where we find not only life but “life abundant” and full of joy. Ron Moore helps you in that discovery… Continue Reading…

We’re in a race for our lives. To live abundantly requires passionate concentration and unwavering endurance in Christ. On today’s broadcast, Ron Moore shares how both are available through God’s training program for the race set before us.

Who are you? What does it mean to be in Christ? And what do you need to be the person God created you to be? Today on the program Ron Moore looks at those questions, and from the book of Hebrews, provides a livable answer.

What Will Heaven Be Like?

When you think of heaven, what comes to mind? Sitting on clouds, whiling away the endless hours, playing slow songs on golden harps? Well, there will be glorious music played on harps and other instruments, but there is so much more to experience in God’s kingdom.

Ron describes that infinite world in his booklet, “What will Heaven be Like?” There he takes us on a scriptural tour of our forever home. You’ll witness joyful reunions and the spine-tingling beauty and vastness of heaven. You’ll stroll past the twelve immense gates to the capital city, each guarded by a majestic angel. You’ll discover that there’s infinite work to enjoy performing and perfecting. You’ll learn and create and become the person you’ve only started to be.

If today’s world has you worried and fearful, you’ll be comforted by “What will Heaven be Like?” We’ll send it to you for a gift of any amount.


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