The Journey with Ron Moore

A healthy spirit contributes to a healthy body. And there’s nothing more invigorating to our heart and soul than the balm of music. Unfortunately, we often disagree about which medicine is best. Ron Moore offers a glimpse into our musical past to offer a healthy perspective on music in the… Continue Reading…

While the organs must all work together for a healthy body, there is a hierarchy of function.  The brain cannot live without the heart, but the heart receives its commands from the brain. What that means for Christ’s body, the Church, is Ron Moore’s focus in this half-hour.

In the frontier between black and white are the “No Sin Zones.” Those gray areas where believers often differ over our freedom in Christ. Ron Moore shares four principles that should drive your behavior the next time you find yourself in the “No Sin Zones.”

We were adrift…separated from help and hope and one another.  But now, God has gathered us to Himself and made us one people, one body—bound together by the hope of eternal life. Today Ron Moore explores that miracle and what it means for you and for the world in which… Continue Reading…

Being bound together in the body of Christ doesn’t just happen. The chain links that interlock us to one another must be carefully fashioned on the anvil of life and living. Ron Moore outlines the forging processes that will help to create an unbreakable bond in your church.

The Church is supposed to be a masterpiece of Christ’s image on earth, but the canvas is marred and the pigment muddied. So how can the world see the risen Savior in such a messy medium? With the master’s brush, Ron Moore paints a revealing portrait of genuine connection in… Continue Reading…

Community has become a buzz word in modern culture and in the Body of Christ, but do we truly know what makes a community work? Ron Moore shares an ancient model for community that, once understood, can transform the way we do church.

What an amazing scenario! The people chose to have a dangerous man back on the streets rather than have Jesus live. The innocent would die. The guilty went free. The same applies today. The spotless Lamb of God bore our sin in His body on the cross. He died in our place so we could be free forever.

Jesus was not a victim. He did not find Himself at the wrong place at the wrong time. He was not a casualty at the hands of the religious leaders or Roman authorities. Jesus went to the cross on His own accord and for a purpose. The penalty of sin is death. Jesus took this punishment on our behalf. He bore our sins in His body on the cross. He died so we could live.

Death is an enemy. It separates us from the body and takes us away from those we love on earth. It seems final. But Jesus will never leave us alone. As we pass from death He will usher us into life. Jesus will not leave you as an orphan. He is with you during this life, through the passage of death, and throughout eternity. Jesus never leaves us alone.


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