The Journey with Ron Moore

Everything I have comes from God. I am a steward, not an owner.

Long before people see your actions, God sees your heart.

When God is all you have, God is all you need.

God is the only source of true security.

When we compare ourselves to others, our own progress is either paralyzed or puffed up. Our goal is Christlikeness. That is the only comparison to make!   

Into a world dark with sin and death, the light dawned. The question is has it dawned in your heart? Further, has it penetrated your attitudes, thoughts, and actions? In the next half-hour, Ron Moore shines the gracious light of Christ into the shadowed recesses of our souls. Look…and see… Continue Reading…

You’ve been wounded…by careless or merciless words and actions.  Now, you wonder if those wounds were deserved. You wonder whether you really don’t measure up. How do you deal with that and where do you find purpose amidst the pain? Ron Moore shows how one man did it…the wrong way. … Continue Reading…

Saving faith is trusting in Jesus as the only One who can forgive our sins and place us into an eternal relationship with the living God.

We can’t just go through the motions. True worship is proven by actions.

May all who look for God find Him . . . right where you are.


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