The Journey with Ron Moore

Father, help me exercise my faith. Help me put my faith into action.

Love is a verb. To be truly expressed it requires action on the lover’s part. God demonstrated that kind of action with his son’s incarnation. Now He wants us to act in-kind. Today Ron Moore points us to a woman who lived that love for God and others. In her… Continue Reading…

Are you bearing spiritual fruit? Is anyone talking about your faith and love?

God is working His plan. Stay on the journey . . . keep looking up . . . get ready. God has an eternally important assignment just for you. 

You know what you need to do . . . what you must do. What are you waiting for?

What good is talk without commitment? It’s time to put passion into action!

Like a rubber hammer to the knee, God is expecting a response when he gently raps on our soul. Today Ron Moore shows us what that reflexive action says about the health of our spirit.

Most of all, we need leaders who are not in it for themselves but are willing to make needed sacrifices to help others. We must have leaders – like Nehemiah – filled with great compassion

What’s the truth we can learn from God’s immutable nature? God will do whatever he says. God will fulfill whatever he promises. No action of God will be left undone.

Today, thank God for his compassion – his affection that leads to action. Thank God for his grace – acceptance without condition. Thank God for his patience – his slowness to become angry. Thank God for his love – the love that sent Jesus to the cross to pay the penalty for your sin. Thank God for his faithfulness – He will always keep his promises. Thank God that through his Holy Spirit, he is standing with you right now.


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