The Journey with Ron Moore

Surveying the Land

As you look across the vast expanse of the Gospel message one book rises above the rest.

Today, Ron Moore offers an overview of its landscape. It’s in preparation for a sojourn through this book…a letter from Paul that has influenced most of the revivals and reformations of the Christian era.

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Welcome to the Life God Has For You

Do you wonder where the abundant life Jesus promised is found?  When you do a personal assessment do you find spiritual failure, doubt, and bondage instead of the victory you seek?  Well, you’ll discover the victory you’ve been looking for in Ron Moore’s devotional publication: “Welcome to the Life God Has for You.”

In this thoughtful look at Paul’s very personal letter to the believers in Philippi, you’ll learn how to experience the joy, freedom and bold confidence God intends for His child.

Welcome to the Life God Has for You” is available for a gift of any amount.


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