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Refuge—Not Revenge

Psalm 64:7-10  

But God will shoot them with his arrows; they will suddenly be struck down. He will turn their own tongues against them and bring them to ruin; all who see them will shake their heads in scorn. All people will fear; they will proclaim the works of God and ponder what he has done. The righteous will rejoice in the LORD and take refuge in him; all the upright in heart will glory in him!

David had his share of enemies. He was not hesitant to let God know his feelings about them. David was confident that God would provide protection from those intent on bringing him down.

Surrounded by opponents, David was certain that God would bring them to ruin. He knew that God would demonstrate His great power by striking them down and turning “their own tongues against them.” Those watching God at work would be amazed and fear the heavenly Father.

When confronted by an enemy our human inclination is to take matters into our own hands. Get back at them. Show them up. Deliver the hurt to them that they have given to us. But how about doing what David did? How about praying for God to take over? Take refuge in Him and watch as He does amazing work on your behalf. The battle belongs to the Lord.

Father, I want to hurt those who hurt me. Help me to seek refuge in You. I give the battle to You. Work in a way that people will contemplate what You have done. I desire that my heart glory in You. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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