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Live Shrewdly

Matthew 10:16

I am sending you out like sheep among wolves. Therefore be as shrewd as snakes and as innocent as doves.

Jesus never tells us to disconnect our brains. He tells us to engage our minds and actions in ways that honor Him. With redeemed thinking, we need to be sharp and strategic in our actions. We need to live in a way that does not allow accusations against our character to stick.

When Jesus sent out His disciples with the message of eternal life, He gave them specific instructions. They were to go first to the Jewish people and authenticate the message with supernatural works. They were not to take money. Instead, through faith, they depended on God to meet their needs.

Many people refused the disciples’ message and persecuted the messengers. Jesus warned that this would be the case—we are sent out as sheep among wolves. That’s why we need to be wise and discerning as we proclaim the Good News, and why we need to live in a way that never calls into question the sincerity of our faith.

Father, give me wisdom and discernment as I follow hard after You. Keep my words and actions free from duplicity. Give me obedient consistency. Help me to live shrewdly. In Jesus’ name. Amen.



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