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How Great is God

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Job 36:26

How great is God–beyond our understanding! The number of his years is past finding out.

How can those trapped in an aging body understand the One who never changes?

How can those who measure life by birthdays comprehend the One who is eternal?

How can one who stumbles in sin understand the One who stands in perfection?

How can people who struggle with communication wrap their minds around the One who spoke the world into existence?

How can those who watch man’s great creations collapse understand the Creator of the universe whose creation continues to stand?

How can people who need stepladders to hang pictures on a wall comprehend the One who hung the stars in the sky?

How can those who don’t know what they are going to eat for lunch understand the One who knows what you are going to have for lunch on May 29, 2099, or if you’ll even be needing lunch that day?

How can one trapped in space understand the One who is everywhere at the same time in His full being?

How can one who is powerless understand the One who is omnipotent?

How can those who have difficulty controlling their preschooler understand the One who has sovereign control over world leaders?

“How great is God – beyond our understanding!” How arrogant are those who refuse to believe until they can fully comprehend the incomprehensible God, describe the indescribable God and fathom the unfathomable God. The starting point of wisdom is standing in awe of the Almighty God.

 Father, we bow before You the incomprehensible God. Although we can’t fully understand You, thank You for revealing all we need to know about You in Your Word. In Jesus’ name. Amen.


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4 comments on “How Great is God

Ann Hutchins

Thank you Ron for an awe of God inspiring devo!

John Zanker

This message and devotion today, really gives a great reminder of our position in Christ, Who’s we are and Who we are not! Thankful to serve the King of Kings and Lord of ALL!!


Thanks, John, for your comments.


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