The Journey with Ron Moore

He Is There!

Eleven men sat in a darkened room.  There had been twelve. Now one was dead. Along with darkness was a mixture of hopelessness and confusion.  Jesus had promised so much. He had performed so often. His words were so certain. But now . . . now all the promises, miracles, and words were bound in grave cloths, lying cold and still in a dark tomb. Their hope was buried with him.

Death is seldom welcome. It barges into life like an impatient intruder. But for these men it was not just death, but the way it came that made it all so unbelievable. In a whirlwind of events He had been falsely tried, beaten, and sentenced to die. The face that calmed their hearts winced as the mocking crown of thorns was jammed into his head. The hands that healed were grotesquely constricted by the spikes driven through his wrists. The lips that spoke with authority now screamed desperate cries to God. The Healer, helpless? The Christ, crucified? Hanging naked on a Roman cross? Not the Messiah! Never!

They sat in the darkened room. The doors were bolted shut. Certainly those who had killed Jesus would be coming for them. The deafening silence was broken as every cough and creaking chair echoed throughout the room. The shuffling feet, the heavy sighs served as reminders of the tension.

But then . . . in an instant . . . He was there! In the room! In the light of the flickering candles he showed them all the proof they needed. His hands. His side. He was there!! Alive!! Every word he had spoken was true! Every promise fulfilled! Death conquered, forever!

Today many live in a darkened world. Living lives of fear, confusion, discontentment, and despair.  Searching for meaning and significance. . . in all the wrong places. Occupying themselves with busy days. Losing sleep over things that matter little. Losing time over things that matter most. And all the while, He is there.

He shines His light on the darkened soul, exposing sin. His arms are open wide accepting and forgiving the confessing sinner. And for all who turn and trust and call Him Savior and Lord, He speaks words of peace—eternal peace with God; lasting peace for tomorrow; settled peace for today.

Have you seen the risen Savior in your darkened world? He is there! Follow Him in the resurrection of new life!

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