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God Almighty

Devotion Text

Genesis 17:1-2

When Abram was ninety-nine years old, the LORD appeared to him and said, “I am God Almighty; walk before me and be blameless. I will confirm my covenant between me and you and will greatly increase your numbers.”

God Almighty. El Shaddai. The name portrays power. El Shaddai means, “All-Sufficient One.” In him, there is nothing lacking. God’s power is not limited by nature or norms. No problem is too big for him to handle. El Shaddai works in what seems to be impossible situations. When you think it can’t happen, El Shaddai says, “Think again.” God Almighty always delivers on his promises.

I don’t know what your situation is today. Maybe, like the ninety-nine-year-old Abraham waiting on a son to be born, you are convinced that God has failed to keep his promise. But today remember the unchangeable God is still El Shaddai. He remains all-powerful and all-sufficient. God will not give us everything we want. God will give us everything he has promised.

Talking Points

  • Thank God for his limitless power and for being a God who always keeps his promises.
  • Share with God all your dreams, fears, anxiety, and doubts. Ask for patience and peace as you wait for God to deliver on his promises.

 And…keep talking to God throughout the day.





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