The Journey with Ron Moore

Defining Moments

Life is full of defining moments. Events take place and decisions are made that literally change the course of our lives. Sometimes these defining moments are uninvited. With battering ram force, they barge into our lives and leave us dealing with sickness, divorce, loss, and disappointment. Other times, we open the day and sound a rousing welcome. We are accepted to the college of our choice. We get the job. We get the girl or the boy. The baby is born! Life is full of defining moments.

Today is a defining moment for you; or at least an opportunity for one. God may be calling you into a personal relationship with Him. Will you respond? He may be calling you into a deeper level of commitment and service to Him. Will you submit? He is calling His children to come together and praise Him through music and preaching. Will you sing from your heart to God and following the call from His Word?

Today holds a defining moment that I encourage you to welcome wholeheartedly.  Are you ready for God to change your heart and life?

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