When we understand that the “Who?” behind all our life is God…that knowledge translates into trust.

As you look across the vast expanse of the Gospel message one book rises above the rest. Today, Ron Moore offers an overview of its landscape. It’s in preparation for a sojourn through this book…a letter from Paul that has influenced most of the revivals and reformations of the Christian… Continue Reading…

God knows you intimately and loves you deeply.

Father, I acknowledge your greatness. You are sovereign over all.

Ask God to give you his wisdom and discernment in a changing and challenging world.

When the winds of adversity blow through your soul your first question is often the most unanswerable. The aching question, “why?” Today, in a message to mothers, Ron Moore reveals a better question and the secret truth that will calm the furious storm in your heart.

Our Redeemer lives! And we have the confidence that he will deliver us safely home.

When faced with the unwise sexual choices of our children how do we respond in a loving and truthful way? In this broadcast, Ron Moore welcomes special guest Ellen Dykas of Harvest USA to talk about keeping the lines of communication open while affirming a biblical view of sexual behavior.

God forgives us completely. We need to forgive others…and ourselves.

Who are you?  Are you a product of your feelings and inclinations or a design that bears God’s very image?  And what do you do when those are in seeming conflict? In this half-hour, Ron Moore welcomes special guest Ellen Dykas of Harvest USA.  They’ll look at a woman’s sexual… Continue Reading…


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