Men, what are the warning signals that you could fall prey to an affair?  And wives, do you understand how the men in your life are sexually wired by God?  You see, knowing these things can save all concerned heartache and failure. With that in mind, Ron Moore is joined… Continue Reading…

He’ll carry you. This path is the good way. Walk in it and find rest for your soul.

Determine what God has called you to do; then, go about getting it done.

Slow down and wait on God. He is seldom early, but He is never late.

What’s one of the temptations faced by men that their wives often don’t understand?  And what steps can a man take to resist, and even avoid, such a temptation? Ron Moore and Men’s Pastor Tunch Ilkin offer wives an understanding of the real issues men face and how men can… Continue Reading…

When we trust in Jesus as the only way to know God, we are set free from our old clothes and our old way, and finally can enjoy the fellowship of the living God.

Men, what can you leave for your children that will never fade and will enrich them forever? Ron Moore and Men’s Pastor Tunch Ilkin tackle one such thing on today’s broadcast.  Follow their counsel and your children will bless God because of you.

God laid my sin on Jesus. There is only one way to respond to such love – fall down and worship Him!

What does it mean to be a whole man. . . a man complete in himself and with God? On today’s broadcast, Ron Moore and Men’s Pastor Tunch Ilkin begin a nine-point examination of that question. And the preeminent question is. . . how do you measure up?

How beautiful are the feet of those who go across the ocean (or across the street) to bring good news and proclaim the peace with God that can only come through Jesus!


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