Tragedy, evil, and pain can blind us to God’s love and purpose.  But as we grope through the darkness there is One who pursues us.  One who wants to lift the veil and help us see. In this half-hour, Ron Moore tells the story of a man who once was… Continue Reading…

Godly decisions require talking to God. Forgetting to pray is a formula for failure.

Has looking at the ceiling for so long dulled your eyes and weakened your desire to take up your mat and walk?  Does guilt have your shoulders pinned and your heart discouraged? Ron Moore asks a penetrating question…the answer to which can set you free to walk again in Christ’s… Continue Reading…

Do you have any walls that need to be collapsed in your life?

How’s your journey of discovery going? Have you found the meaning, joy, and assurance you’ve been searching for, or have detours left you lost and confused? Ron Moore leads you onto the path that ends in transformation and joyful significance.

Acknowledge that everything you have and your ability to acquire it comes from God. Thank God for all he has given you.

There is a quid-pro-quo to the victorious Christian life.  An exchange that determines whether you become all you can be or limp into eternity with downcast eyes. On today’s program, Ron Moore describes that exchange and the exciting challenge it offers.

You are not alone; God is with you. The weight may be heavy, but God will carry it for you.

Wholehearted faith is forged in the kiln of experience, faithfulness, and courage. Today Ron Moore shares the three principles, that fire that kiln, to make ironclad shields for the battles you face.

God carries us close to his heart with his strong everlasting arms.


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