Mary concludes her prayer with the reminder that God had not forgotten His people, Israel. His promise to the nation’s ancestors was about to be fulfilled. The Messiah was on His way!

Your life is an asset…a resource provided by your Creator.  How will you spend that life and all that goes with it?  How much will you return to God and how much will you keep? That’s Ron Moore’s question as he looks at four foundational investment principles and their application… Continue Reading…

Mary’s great song of praise continued as she proclaimed the “mighty deeds” of God. God’s arm is a symbol of His power and action. His strength is not limited to the heavens. His might is seen as He reaches down and does His work among people on earth.

The visit from the angel Gabriel was frightening and the news was unbelievable, but Mary surrendered to God’s will. When the angel’s words to her were confirmed by her visit to Elizabeth, who was with child in her old age, Mary burst into song. Her song is filled with Scripture and truth about God

In a song known as the Magnificat, Mary proclaimed her thankfulness and love to the Father. This song teaches several things about Mary.

Ours is a historic faith.  As Paul said to King Festus, regarding the resurrection: “What I am saying is true and reasonable…it was not done in a corner.” In this half-hour, Ron Moore explores that claim and offers a firm foundation for belief.

Many times when God calls us to do great things, He gives us proof that He is at work. In the Old Testament, He proved Himself to Moses, Joshua, and Gideon. In the New Testament, He proved Himself to the disciples and Paul on the road to Damascus.

 It’s more trustworthy than tomorrow’s dawn, more certain than Earth’s gravity.  It’s the promise Jesus made to believers: “I will never leave you or forsake you.” In this broadcast, Ron Moore shares that truth and tells you how to experience its certainty in your life.

Many people believe that they can draw up the terms of their relationship with Jesus. But that’s not how it works. Everyone who truly wants to follow hard after Jesus must come to a place of surrender.

For those who believe, an eternal indictment has been satisfied.  Every transgression has been expunged—the document tossed into the deepest sea. And with that justification, God has freed himself to welcome us home. In this half-hour, Ron Moore recounts that great, good news and its ongoing meaning for your life.