From the Old Testament to the New, giving is an act of individual worship. Giving out of compulsion, legalism, manipulation or force is not worship at all.

A rail car will rust away when left by itself on a side-track. But when it’s fully engaged to a powerful locomotive it can carry precious cargo and climb distant mountains. Today Ron Moore proclaims that that kind of power is available to the believer, as revealed by Paul in… Continue Reading…

The question for today is the following: Are you bowing down before any god other than God? That god can come in the form of a person, possession or position. It may be something you are living with, living in or living for. Whatever it is, it’s a pathetic substitute for the real thing.

Our spiritual flight has many ups and downs. The wind currents of life lift us up and drag us down. The atmosphere of sin causes us to stumble and fall. We grow weary from the journey and start a dangerous descent. But God is there every time. Like a mother eagle, he carries us on his all-powerful wings.

What banner do you hold high as you go into battle each day? If you hold the banner of self-sufficiency, independence or personal ambition, you will lose the battle every time. But if you hold high the name of the Lord, marching under his standard, he will give you the strength to defeat each foe.

How can the inhumane practice of abortion be ended? That’s Ron Moore’s and special guest Brian Fisher’s focus in this broadcast. They speak to the five groups who can sweep abortion into the dustbin of history.

So here they come rolling in . . . the waves of fear and doubt . . . caused by sickness, job loss, a relationship break-up, illness of a loved one, discouragement, death. You can’t stand up under the force of the crashing waves. But you don’t have to. The Lord will absorb the powerful force for you. You need only to be still.

The world is watching us.  It’s looking for a reason to believe…or an excuse to disbelieve, and disobey, the Creator. In this half-hour, Ron Moore and special guest Brian Fisher talk about that scrutiny as it impacts the world we live in…and in which the unborn can be killed and… Continue Reading…

The penalty of sin is death, a penalty that Jesus took on himself. “For Christ, our Passover lamb, has been sacrificed” (1 Corinthians 5:7b). Because of Jesus, eternal death passes over us, and we pass over from physical death to eternal life.

There’s a closely held secret in the culture of abortion.  It’s cynical, deceitful and crafty. In this broadcast, Ron Moore and special guest Brian Fisher unveil that secret and its awful consequences for women.