The promises God makes will come to be.

Sometimes the “Good” can become so twisted as to be unrecognizable from the original. That is sex in the modern world. Today Ron Moore begins instruction, from God’s Word, on uncoiling, and reclaiming God’s good design from its current, distorted expression.

He is holy and the “whole earth is full of his glory!”

It is the great paradox of Christian leadership. Jesus said, “The greatest among you will be your servant.” But what does that look like and how is it done? That’s Ron Moore’s focus on today’s broadcast. He offers three principles that will help you become the servant leader God requires you to be.

God wants to settle the matter with you. God loves you and desires to know you intimately and deeply.

Christian, you are a leader. Whether you desire to lead or not, whether or not you’re gifted in leadership. Your direction in life will attract followers and imitators. Some you know. Many you don’t. On today’s broadcast, Ron Moore shares how that responsibility is to be lived out in Christ’s… Continue Reading…

The training for biblical sexuality begins at home.

When we learn to do things God’s way we move from whining to thanksgiving because “God keeps [us] occupied with joy in [our] heart[s].”

Fathers. What will your children remember most about you? Your successes, your failures, your tries? Or will it be something else entirely?  Something you didn’t realize you’d left behind. Today Ron Moore, a father himself, talks about the threads that connect a strong and lasting legacy.


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