God wants your life to be enveloped by his peace! He is Yahweh Shalom! 

As when a maritime fog obscures a firm shore, taking your eyes off Jesus can result in a slow drift into dangerous waters. Today, from the book of Hebrews, Ron Moore urges you to pay close attention to the anchor of your soul.

Ask God to allow you to experience his presence and strength.

Many in the modern world have rediscovered an ancient fascination with angels. For some that fascination borders on worship. Ron Moore offers four ways in which Jesus is superior to the angels. Listen and learn why we must never allow a created thing to compete for our worship of the… Continue Reading…

Genuine faith is not something you pass down like an heirloom. Real faith must be learned, seen, and personally experienced.

In the unseen realm, and in the known universe, there is One who is supreme…and He wants to know you. Today, Ron Moore shares the “Seven Excellencies” of Jesus Christ so that you can have confidence in his saving power.

Pray that God will help you keep this daily commitment—”For me and my house; we will serve the Lord.”

Tragedy, evil, and pain can blind us to God’s love and purpose.  But as we grope through the darkness there is One who pursues us.  One who wants to lift the veil and help us see. In this half-hour, Ron Moore tells the story of a man who once was… Continue Reading…

Without God, life is foundationless. But a relationship with God, through his Son, Jesus Christ, changes everything. He is our constant. He is our anchor.

Thank God for this one life he has given you.


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