The Journey with Ron Moore

Don’t deny the temptation. Take steps, like Job, to live obediently.

Right now what you are going through makes no sense. Remember, wisdom does not mean that I know all the answers; it means I know the One who does . . . and I submit myself to Him.

The sovereign Creator has chosen you and me to benefit Him in eternal work! If that doesn’t get you excited, check your spiritual pulse!

This life is short. The believer, regardless of earthly suffering, will spend eternity in heaven. The wicked, regardless of earthly “prosperity,” will spend eternity in hell.

This passage gives tremendous encouragement to us in facing death. Our Redeemer lives! We have confidence that He will deliver us safely home.

Don’t give up hope. Keep the desires of your heart ignited. Don’t let shattered plans become abandoned plans. It’s the desire to keep pushing forward, to keep hoping, to keep trusting that turns night into day and reminds us that light is near.

God forgives us completely. We need to forgive others . . . and ourselves.

Can God be trusted? Yes! Can you trust God? That’s the question that needs to be answered.

Thank God for His gracious welcome back when we humbly return from the land of forgetfulness.

You are presently experiencing spiritual fatigue. Hope is lost. With no possible remedy in sight, waiting for God seems to be out of the question. You feel like you need to take matters into your own hands, but you have exhausted all possible solutions.


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