The Journey with Ron Moore

Who’s first on your spiritual speed dial?  When things are well or ill who do you contact before any other? Jesus shared the number at the top of His list and today, Ron Moore shares it with you. Learn it so that whether you’re pleading or praising you get in… Continue Reading…

There’s a truism in sports that claims, “You play like you practice.”  In your spiritual life it could also be said that “You pray like you practice.” Ron Moore shares a practice model straight from the lips of Jesus.  Get it right and you’ll pray like the Savior.

Like the stony faces on Mt. Rushmore we sometimes feel as if our prayer life looms over us with an accusing stare.  And too often we bow our heads in guilty confession. Ron Moore begins a three-part look at prayer with a goal of summiting its peak and leaving the… Continue Reading…

Detours keep us from arriving at our destination in a timely manner.  And sometimes we don’t get there at all.  We get lost on winding, back roads.  And so it is on the path to worship. In today’s broadcast, Ron Moore helps us avoid those spiritual detours. He’ll provide a… Continue Reading…

Attempts to enter into worship are sometimes aborted journeys. That’s often because of the billboard-size distractions that hail us along the way. On today’s broadcast, Ron Moore points out two such diversions that are noted in the Word of God. He’ll teach you how to deal with them so that… Continue Reading…

How do you want others to think of you and how important are their thoughts?  Now ask that question about God.  Blessedly, we don’t have to wonder who it is we worship. Ron Moore invites us to study the eight attributes God wants us to know about Himself…and they will… Continue Reading…

Who is the God you praise?  You may be surprised to find He’s not exactly who you think He is.  And that can make all the difference in your adoration. Today Ron Moore opens the scriptures to discover the God who is.

God will not be worshipped in a box.  Even a pretty one with colored windows and soaring arches does not impress Him.  He’s looking for intimate and open and often messy places. Ron Moore will be here in a moment to tell you where that’s found.

Where do you find the highest pinnacle of worship?  The place where God inhabits the praise of His people? On today’s broadcast, Ron Moore takes you there, and if you listen well, you’ll never be the same.

What one gift can you present to God that will gladden and delight His heart? On today’s broadcast, Ron Moore tells you and shares how to give that gift with passion.

More Than Words

Have you ever happened upon an old, familiar trunk stored in the attic that you’d never opened? It had been there for years, a constant companion to your other family heirlooms, but to that point, unexplored.  Then one day, you had a look inside and discovered treasures you’d only dreamed of.  Items with rich history that revealed more about you and your heritage than you ever knew existed.

Well, that’s a lot like the spiritual wealth found in the Lord’s Prayer. In his devotional, “More Than Words,” Ron Moore unlocks and opens this favorite biblical passage. There, in thirty daily meditations, he compares scripture with scripture to unveil the rich concepts the Lord Jesus intended for you to find and enjoy.

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