The Journey with Ron Moore

Successful spiritual living doesn’t just happen.  It takes training in the truth. Training that only comes when we hold to the fundamentals of the faith. And today, Ron Moore continues that training from an ancient document.

The surest evidence that you’ve spent time in God’s Word is not how long you’ve been at it, it’s how far it has taken you down the road to maturity. In the minutes ahead, Ron Moore puts us on that road and encourages us to truly believe the fundamentals of… Continue Reading…

Can you trust the integrity of God’s Word? After all, it did pass through the hearts, minds and hands of countless sinful men. Ron Moore comes to offer convincing evidence that the Bible is true and worthy of your trust.

Where does the Bible fit in the context of truth and life? Does it really matter and is it truly reliable? Ron Moore will offer that context so that you can discover the importance of God’s Word for every circumstance and every need.

The Greatest Text Message

Have you ever had an “Emmaus Road” experience?  A moment when the scriptures blazed with new understanding and you knew God had spoken to your soul?  And now looking back, you can exclaim along with the Emmaus disciples, “Were not our hearts burning within us while He was speaking to us on the road?”

Ron Moore wants you to look forward to such moments in the days ahead.  He takes you to that place in his engaging devotional “The Greatest Text Message.”  There, in bite size meditations, Ron lays a solid foundation for the authority of the Bible. You’ll discover the men God used to communicate His Word, the supernatural preservation of the scriptures down through the centuries, and a new call to embrace its living truth.

“The Greatest Text Message” is yours for a donation of any amount.


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