The Journey with Ron Moore

As you gaze into the spiritual future who do you see? Is there a more mature “you” beckoning in the distance? Have you even lifted your eyes to look? Ron Moore offers a lens that will magnify your spiritual vision and help you to reach its goal.

Believer, what do you want to do with the Gospel of Christ? And what does that desire say about your walk of faith? Ron Moore examines that question as he encourages you to fulfill the ministry to which God has specifically called you.

What are the essential characteristics of the Kingdom of God on Earth? Moreover, what can you do to destroy them…and what can you do to maintain them? Ron Moore talks about that on today’s broadcast and offers practical guidance on keeping the peace of God in your heart and your… Continue Reading…

How does your church deal with conflicting values and views? What happens when one believer thinks something to be permissible and another thinks it to be sin? Ron Moore shares Paul’s guidelines in dealing with those gray areas of Christian conduct.

A believer’s spiritual apparel is woven from three beautiful threads. Wear them and the world will want to know their designer. On today’s program Ron Moore is going to show us those true colors from the fashion catalog of Christ Jesus.

Give up. Submit. Surrender. We don’t like those synonyms very much. But they’re the attitudes that must govern our hearts if we’re to live a transformed life. Ron Moore shows us what that looks like and how it’s done.

The truths of God’s sovereignty and our responsibility stand as two mighty pillars rising beyond the clouds. We can’t see their connection but we’re asked to believe they hold our eternal destiny in place. Ron Moore examines our part in that heavenly architecture and what it means for us today.

We see the underside of life’s tapestry. The dangling threads there hint at a design, but it’s hard to decipher. Ron Moore focuses our attention on the designer so that we can better visualize the masterpiece He’s weaving through our lives.

Do you ever wish God could take the smoking rubble your life has become, and with it, fashion a shining trophy? Ron Moore will reveal the transforming craftsmanship that can do just that.

The daily news and our own painful experiences tell us we’re a long way from Eden. But, for the redeemed, God promises that “that” will not always be the case. Today, Ron Moore takes a look at the coming restoration of God’s original design. It’s a truth that will make… Continue Reading…


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