The Journey with Ron Moore

There’s a currency exchange that will allow you to invest in everlasting dividends. It takes the fruit of your labors in this world and converts them to a heavenly 401k. Ron Moore explains compound interest on an eternal scale. It’s an investment prospectus in which past performance is a guarantee… Continue Reading…

To love money is false economy and the root of all kinds of evil. To trust in its power is foolishness. We know these truths and yet we live as if greater and greater assets could bestow virtue and security. Ron Moore offers the antidote for these lies with five… Continue Reading…

Do the things that you own, in truth, own you? And did you know that you never really own them anyway? But if you view them as God does you can enjoy them, and at the same time, be rich toward Him. In this half-hour, Ron Moore shows us how… Continue Reading…

The seamless sequence of events you experience everyday are held in God’s hands, and he has apportioned their number to each one, according to His good pleasure. On today’s broadcast, Ron Moore teaches how those events can be wisely spent for God’s glory and our greater good.

The Church is a priceless tapestry woven together in meaningful community…each thread contributing to the final piece that proclaims the glory of God. On today’s broadcast, Ron Moore speaks to the importance of that creative connection and the significant ways it can beautify your life.

Living the Christian life isn’t just hard…it’s impossible. Save for one extraordinary gift from God no one could ever hope to meet the Gospel’s expectations. So, on today’s broadcast, Ron Moore examines this one gift in order that you may be strengthened for every good work.

The Father ventured it all on love. He gave His most prized gift to open the door of heaven for everyone who would believe. In this half-hour, Ron Moore reviews that wondrous prize so that you may embrace it and have everlasting life.

Wise people know that to get the most out of life one must, “start with the ending.” To really live you have to contemplate death and boldly go forward in its shadow. Ron Moore leads us down the victorious path that knows neither reserve, nor retreat nor regret.

Do you take time to pause and think about God’s favor in your life? When you do you’ll discover a life-changing journey into the gracious heart of God. Ron Moore offers a road map that will help you take the initial step.