The Journey with Ron Moore

He made us, He became us, and He died for us. With that résumé how could He not know us? The truth is He knows us better than we know ourselves. So, doesn’t it make sense that we can confidently return His surrender with our own? That’s the challenge Ron… Continue Reading…

The Spirit of power is walking in your footsteps and living in your soul. He wants to show His might through you, but He waits…for recognition and surrender. Today Ron Moore helps us with the former. The latter will be up to you. And the power to live victoriously will… Continue Reading…

Expectations are often borrowed disappointments. And disappointments are often His appointments. When we surrender our expectations to Christ, He replaces them with something better than we can expect or even imagine. That’s Ron Moore’s challenge in this half-hour, to give up our desires for God’s. As you’ll see, it’s an… Continue Reading…

From birth to death the curtain never closes on your performance. And the house is never empty. The only question is who does your ever-present audience see? Is it you or is it the one whose life you’re supposed to reflect? Today Ron Moore challenges us to surrender the spotlight… Continue Reading…

When does the phrase: “I give up” signal victory instead of defeat? When does “my sacrifice” mean getting everything I truly want? Ron Moore shares those paradoxes through the story of Abraham and Isaac. It’s there that you’ll find triumph and plenty.


Easter, the holiest day in the Christian calendar, is less than sixty days away. To help prepare your heart for this celebration Ron Moore has composed a challenging devotional titled Relent.

As you meditate on the thought-provoking reflections there, you’ll draw closer to Christ and sense His Spirit stirring your soul.

In Relent you’ll discover the power of surrender, in the life of Jesus and in yours. Relent can be yours for a donation of any amount.


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