The Journey with Ron Moore

Whether you lead a nation, a company or a family, how you measure up depends on your integrity. On today’s program, Ron Moore offers a measuring rod from the wisdom of Solomon. Heed it its instruction and become the leader God wants you to be.

Work has intrinsic worth. Whatever you do for a living has significance beyond the living it provides. What you do has value in God’s economy. Today, Ron Moore shares Solomon’s wisdom for doing what you do conscientiously and with ultimate meaning in mind.

Remember that childhood rhyme; “Sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never harm me?” That was a lie. We knew then, and we know now, the damage intemperate words can do. So how do we drive them far from our lips? In this half-hour, Ron Moore gives… Continue Reading…

Anger can serve you and it can be your master. In the latter case it will steal your holiness, your joy and even your health. On today’s broadcast, Ron Moore shares scriptural wisdom for controlling your anger and making it your righteous servant.

We teach our children not to play with fire. We must be just as diligent to teach the dangers of sex. While it’s a needed and useful gift, fire can wound their bodies.  But playing with the gift of sex can burn their hearts and souls. With that in mind,… Continue Reading…

We love to quote John 8:32: “And you will know the truth and the truth will set you free.” The problem is, telling the truth, being real, especially with friends, can be difficult. So today, Ron Moore teaches us, from the book of Proverbs, how to choose true friends and… Continue Reading…

We are an acquisitive culture. We acquire so much stuff that we don’t have room for it all. Storage companies love our constant acquisition…God, not so much. Today Ron Moore tells us of a better storage solution that begins with generosity.

What is humility, really? Must we think “little” of ourselves or is it something deeper, something shared with the Lord of creation? Today Ron Moore offers a definition and explanation that will draw you closer to Christ and help you practice his humility.

Parenting is a fearful thing. We have children when we are the least experienced in raising them. But, thanks be to God, there is another fear that can lessen our fear of parenting. Today, Ron Moore explains that fear and the great wisdom it brings. Listen and become a more… Continue Reading…

Wisdom was there when God flung the stars across the universe. There, when the world came to be. There, to give light to your path. Today, Ron Moore begins a series that will take you from the heavenly heights to the place where God’s wisdom meets everyday living. Learn her… Continue Reading…

Proverbs: Everyday Wisdom. Everyday Life.

Parenting in the modern world is challenging and sometimes exhausting. But there’s real help to be found in an ancient book.  The Proverbs contain wisdom deeply rooted in an understanding of God and people. But the book is not theoretical. It’s a practical instruction manual for parenting in the real world.

To help apply its wisdom to your life and family, Ron has prepared an easy and interactive study guide. It’s titled: “Proverbs: Everyday wisdom. Everyday life.”

In it you’ll discover: what it means to fear God, the blessings of humility, the importance of friendship and how to live with purity in a sex-crazed world.

The “Proverbs” study guide is yours for a donation of any amount.


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