The Journey with Ron Moore

Is there arrayed within you a battalion of angry words?  And, perhaps, divisions of hurtful actions held in reserve should the words fail to wound or destroy?  Would you like to declare an armistice, retire from the field-of-battle and live in peace? Ron Moore will study that conflict and offer… Continue Reading…

Counterfeits are often hard to distinguish from the real thing.  And some will cost you more than others.  So it is with wisdom. The difference between the earthly counterfeit and wisdom from above is a price calculated, not in currency, but in everlasting days. In this half-hour, Ron Moore will… Continue Reading…

Her guidance is reliable when you climb steep, rocky paths and when cruising smooth, open highways. She’s a faithful companion on the sunniest of days and in dark, stormy nights. She is wisdom and today Ron Moore will tell you where to find her.

What’s the best way to keep a weather-eye on your spiritual climate? That’s Ron Moore’s focus in this half-hour. Through his counsel, you’ll learn how to control your internal climate and enjoy sunny days of spiritual maturity.

There’s an instrument, known by all, that will reveal the spiritual weather brewing in your heart.  When destructive storms or sunny days hold sway, your words will declare it. On today’s broadcast, Ron Moore will show you the spiritual importance of controlling that instrument instead of letting it control you.

Displaying evidence of living faith is not just for your peace of mind. It’s a sign to others that there’s a Savior in Heaven who leads us in triumph. Today Ron Moore shares a story that demonstrates that kind of faith before a watching world. Watch with them and you’ll… Continue Reading…

When your faith is held up to the light what does it look like?  Does it compare favorably to the picture found in God’s Word, or is it lacking some vital element that would disqualify you as a believer? Today Ron Moore continues his look at the character of living… Continue Reading…

Dead faith is like a house wired for electricity, equipped with the latest light bulbs, but never hooked up to the public utility.  The promise is there but the power is lacking. By way of comparison, today Ron Moore begins a look at living faith, the kind that gives you… Continue Reading…

They were plain and dusty clay jars.  Fragile from centuries of extremely dry storage.  Placed at auction among ornate Ming dynasty vases and bowls these earthen vessels would have garnered scant attention if any at all.  Yet within them was a treasure beyond bidding…the Dead Sea Scrolls.  So it is… Continue Reading…

To learn proper construction methods and then build without a foundation is like hearing without doing in the Christian life.  Both lead to a sad end. Today, Ron Moore instructs our hearts to hear the Word of God, do what it says and thus live an abundant life.

Faith: Dead or Alive

How do you know when your faith, or that of a friend or loved one, is a living faith? Is it proved by a walk down a church aisle, praying a salvation prayer or attending catechism classes?  Or is there other evidence that must be displayed?

That question is asked and answered in Ron Moore’s PDF booklet titled: “Faith: Dead or Alive.

In “Faith: Dead or Alive,” Ron outlines the characteristics of genuine belief and how you can perceive their presence animating your life.  It’s the most important waypoint on the spiritual journey.

“Faith: Dead or Alive” is yours, as a digital download, for a gift of any amount.


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