The Journey with Ron Moore

What do you do when you’ve set aside the faith you long held dear?  How do you repair a commitment to Christ that has crumbled under the stresses of life? Ron Moore talks about that on today’s program, by recalling the example of one whose renewed faith changed the world.

Have you resolved to be more kind-hearted in your dealings with others? To share true love with those you encounter each day?  What exactly will that look like and what will it be like for others and for you? Those are the questions Ron Moore addresses on today’s program.  Through… Continue Reading…

Whenever we fall into trials, which is all too often in these “shadow lands,” we long for someone who has the strength to lift us out of our predicament. In this half-hour, Ron Moore shows us the only one whose power is sufficient to our troubles and how we can… Continue Reading…

As we stumble through the tangled vines and hidden snares of life it’s essential to have a leader who’s been down this trail before us.  One who was undeterred by the difficult and uneven path he traveled. Today Ron Moore points to such a one and shows us how to… Continue Reading…


Take a brief look at Ron Moore’s motivating book “Ignite.”  Ron leads you, step-by-step, on a spiritual journey to a heart ignited by grace. Along the way, he reveals God’s purpose in your stresses, pain, and tough times.

By matching today’s struggles with King David’s tumultuous life, Ron paints a vivid picture of God meeting you wherever you are.  He assures you that God is using your loneliness, brokenness, disappointment, and emptiness to fan the flames of faith in your heart.

“Ignite” can be yours for a donation of any amount.


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