The Journey with Ron Moore

Gale force, anxious winds are blowing through our lives and souls. And they threaten to rip our spiritual sails to shreds. Ron Moore outlines three things we can do to protect our hearts and minds with everlasting peace.

There is a safe harbor. A spiritual place where you can shelter from the storm. There, though the winds of adversity rage, your anchor will hold fast and secure. On today’s broadcast, Ron Moore provides coordinates to that port. Once you find it you’ll never want to leave.

In distressing times, knowing who you are, and whose you are, is vital to navigating the stormy seas of life. In this half-hour, Ron Moore is joined by Dave DiDonato to team-teach what the Bible says about the key identifiers of the stable Christian voyage.

Is your life’s anchor secure? Do you truly trust those ropes and hooks to keep you safely fastened and on an even keel? And what happens when you weigh that anchor on a storm-tossed sea? As Ron Moore is about to teach us, that surety can be had when you… Continue Reading…

We’re sailing through confusing times. We’re tossed between wind and water…struggling to get our bearings. So, before we’re dragged onto spiritually dangerous shoals there’s something we must do. Today, Ron Moore offers that “something” and shows you where to find it.

Why Did Christ Have to Die?

Why did Jesus have to die? Could he not have lived a long life, teaching mankind the ways of God, and then returned to his Father in glory?  What was so necessary about the Cross and what does it mean for those separated from God?

The answer is found and examined in Ron Moore’s booklet titled: “Why did Christ Have to Die.”  There, supported by numerous scripture passages, Ron offers a clear explanation of the Gospel message.  It’s the Good News your loved ones need to hear.

Why did Christ Have to Die,” is yours for a gift of any amount.


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