The Journey with Ron Moore

There is a symphony that echoes through the universe. Its strains undetectable by the largest space telescope but readily heard by the listening heart. Ron Moore plays that gracious masterpiece one more time. Tune in and hear the celestial music of redemption.

As when a maritime fog obscures a firm shore, taking your eyes off Jesus can result in a slow drift into dangerous waters. Today, from the book of Hebrews, Ron Moore urges you to pay close attention to the anchor of your soul.

Many in the modern world have rediscovered an ancient fascination with angels. For some that fascination borders on worship. Ron Moore offers four ways in which Jesus is superior to the angels. Listen and learn why we must never allow a created thing to compete for our worship of the… Continue Reading…

In the unseen realm, and in the known universe, there is One who is supreme…and He wants to know you. Today, Ron Moore shares the “Seven Excellencies” of Jesus Christ so that you can have confidence in his saving power.

Is Jesus the only way to heaven?  There seems to be some question about that in the hearts and minds of many evangelical Christians. Today Ron Moore begins an in-depth study of a New Testament book, which settles that question.

Submission to God in prayer is more than surrender.  To lie face down in the dust is only a start.  It is a yielding of not only your fate but also your will, your expectations, your fervent requests.  And, it is one thing more. Ron Moore deals with that kind… Continue Reading…

Perhaps you’ve been to the place where dark clouds of trouble have obscured the Sun and their thunderclaps have rattled your world.  Perhaps you’re there now.  There at the place where life has turned a pale gray and you wonder if it’s still worth the time and effort. Today Ron… Continue Reading…

Standing at the edge of your life, gazing at a landscape leveled by an earthquake, what do you see?  Disaster?  Opportunity?  Disappointment? Hope? If you said “all of the above” then you see the truth.  But there is one truth that informs them all.  One truth that, once seen, offers… Continue Reading…

When life collapses around you…when you lie prostrate, beneath the weight of shattered dreams, a broken family or sagging finances, there is one lesson that will ultimately free you.  One truth that will light the darkness so you can see. That lesson—that truth is Ron Moore’s focus in this half-hour.

Do you know the God who walks with you down this storm-tossed road?  Is He an anchor when pounding waves threaten to batter you into submission? Well, who you think God is when troubles crash into your life, is critical to conquering the storm. Today, Ron Moore uncovers the sure… Continue Reading…

Unshakable Faith

An awareness of God’s presence is a source of great strength and stability in difficult times. But when He seems silent, or absent, our pain is magnified.

Maybe you’ve been there.  Maybe you’re there just now.

For times like these Ron has prepared a devotional guide to help restore that feeling of God’s closeness.  It’s called “Unshakable Faith in a Shaken World.” Packed with eternal truth from God’s Word, it’ll gently lead you into His presence.

Unshakable Faith in a Shaken World,” is yours for a donation of any amount.


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