The Journey with Ron Moore

Your life is an asset…a resource provided by your Creator.  How will you spend that life and all that goes with it?  How much will you return to God and how much will you keep? Let’s look at four foundational investment principles and their application in the life of Mary,… Continue Reading…

Ours is a historic faith.  As Paul said to King Festus, regarding the resurrection:  “What I am saying is true and reasonable…it was not done in a corner.” Ron Moore explores our faith and offers a firm foundation for belief.

It’s more trustworthy than tomorrow’s dawn, more certain than Earth’s gravity.  It’s the promise Jesus made to believers: “I will never leave you or forsake you.” Ron Moore shares a promise from Jesus and tells us what you could do to make it null and void.

For those who believe, an eternal indictment has been satisfied.  Every transgression has been expunged—the document tossed into the deepest sea. And with that justification, God has freed himself to welcome us home. Ron Moore recounts great, good news and its ongoing meaning for your life.

When does retreat mean victory?  How can you know when you’re heading in the right direction?  And what will it look like when you reach the objective?

You are being hunted.  As you stumble through the forest of earthly delights and fears, a hound is on your trail. But, when he finds you, you’ll not be harmed. Instead, you will be saved.

At the first Advent, John the Baptist was chosen by God to be the “voice of one calling in the wilderness, ‘Prepare the way for the Lord.’” So who is God calling to prepare the way for Christ’s second coming?

Who are you?  In a broken and desperate world where do you fit?  What purpose do you serve?   Ron Moore is here to share three principles that will give you direction and meaning. Learn them well and they will change your life for good.    

How do you respond when God asks you to do something difficult?  Something that could alienate your closest friends?  Something that could alter your life forever?

What does it mean to know Jesus?  What is it to accept Him on His terms?  What must our attitude be as we welcome Him into our lives? One person’s response to the announcement of the first Christmas.


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